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Hello Lovelies!

So I’m positively itching to get this, my first post ever, out of the way. I already have a backlog of recipes swimming around in my head that I’m really keen on sharing with you!

I am here because food is my passion. I have always loved cooking (and loved eating even more), however a relatively recent sequence of events made me completely change the way I cook and view food. I had to relearn everything from scratch, basically, and have been busily researching new ingredients and trying them out in my minuscule  basement suite “kitchen.”

I have been a pescatarian (or vegaquarian as an ex-coworker lovingly termed it) since I was eight. Nowadays, I’ve successfully cut out dairy and am trying really hard to eliminate seafood too but those darn dynamite rolls get me every time. Being deep-fried gives them an unfair advantage! Thus, I am not a vegan nor will I claim this to be a vegan blog. You probably won’t find animal products here though, and almost every food blog I peruse is vegan.

You also probably won’t find nuts, curry and peas in my recipes as my other half is allergic and I’m trying to keep him around!

That being said, I think people need to listen to their bodies when it comes to food. Unless their bodies are screeching for coconut ice cream for breakfast, lunch and dinner, that is. So this blog will probably transform to suit my needs.

As it stands, The Keen Kitchen will be a wheat, meat and dairy-free blog because that’s how I’m eating and it’s feeling pretty good.

I feel this is the beginning of an adventure, and couldn’t be more thrilled to share it with you.



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